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GO GO GO go go go!

The chant was in my head, because I didn’t have enough breath in my lungs to make sound. I was too busy pushing my bike up a killer beast of an incline, churning my legs against the pedals like my life depended on it. Which it did. Ordinarily, I might relish the burn in my chest, the rubbery feelings in my thighs, the buttwhupping high of a challenging ride. But this situation was anything but ordinary. In the thick dark of the desert night, I was fighting against gravity and space, and my body was losing.

For the millionth time, I was reminded that my vintage cruiser wasn’t built for this desert terrain. Someday, when I got my driver’s license, I’d speed through these back roads no problem, just like Aidan in his dad’s Porsche. That is, if I actually made it out of here.

Excerpt copyright © 2012 Elisa Ludwig

About the book:

Willa’s secret plan seems all too simple: take from the rich kids at Valley Prep and give to the poor ones.

Yet Willa’s turn as Robin Hood at her ultra-exclusive high school is anything but. Bilking her “friends”—known to everyone as the Glitterati—without them suspecting a thing is far from easy. Learning how to pick pockets and break into lockers is as difficult as she’d thought it’d be. Delivering care packages to the scholarship girls, who are ostracized just for being from the “wrong” side of town, is way more fun than she’d expected.

The complication Willa didn’t expect, though, is Aidan Murphy, Valley Prep’s most notorious (and gorgeous) ace-degenerate. His mere existence is distracting Willa from what matters most to her: evening the social playing field between the haves and have-nots. There’s no time for crushes and flirting with boys, especially conceited and obnoxious trust-funders like Aidan.

But when the cops start investigating the string of thefts at Valley Prep and the Glitterati begin to seek revenge, could Aidan wind up being the person that Willa trusts most?

What people are saying:

“This should be an easy sell to fans of Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars books.”—Booklist

“This debut keeps readers zooming along as a formerly poor girl plays Robin Hood when she strikes it rich…. A solid debut.”—Kirkus

“Packed with romance, humor, and adventure, PRETTY CROOKED will steal your heart.”–Sarah Mlynowski, author of Ten Things We Did (But Probably Shouldn’t Have)

“Intriguing characters, high adventure, good-hearted heists, and plenty of romance. PRETTY CROOKED has me pining for Willa’s next adventure!”–Jennifer Echols, author of Forget You and The One that I Want

“Pretty clever, pretty funny, pretty adorable. I loved it!”–Lauren Henderson, author of Kiss Me Kill Me

“Filled with mystery, high-tension heists, and flirting with an enigmatic bad boy, PRETTY CROOKED kept me hooked right up to the action-packed ending.”–Tera Lynn Childs, author of Oh. My. Gods., Forgive My Fins, and Sweet Venom

Released: March 13, 2011

About the author:

Elisa Ludwig studied writing at Vassar College and Temple University. She has been pickpocketed twice, and once caught someone midpocket. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband. Pretty Crooked is her first novel. Visit her at


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