Rain and wind pelted the ocean’s surface so hard it looked like it was boiling. In the passenger seat of our VW bus, I shivered despite the warm, muggy air. My dad jumped into the driver’s seat and shook the rain off.

“Weird summer, huh?” Water dripped from his face as he tried to catch my eye.

I looked away.

“You ready? Sure you’ve got everything?”

“Yep. Got it all.” I paused, staring straight out the windshield. “Oh, wait—except my friends, my school, my life…”


“I know. I’m gonna love it there. It’ll just be great.”

He started to say something but shook his head instead, cranked the key, and turned the music up to a volume that made it clear we were finished talking. I felt a pang of regret for being like that with him, but kept my eyes on the beach that he’d decided, without even asking me, to leave. The beach where I’d found a simple peace on my morning runs, and trolled for boys with my friends on lazy summer afternoons, and where I’d caught my last waves of the day, just as the sun slipped into the ocean. It was where my life was.

And where my mother had left hers.

Excerpt© 2011 Jessi Kirby

About the book:

When Anna was little, she and her mother used to search for sea glass, but since they looked at night, they called it moonglass. Now, ten years after her mother’s mysterious death, her father is working as head lifeguard on the same beach where her mother grew up and her parents first met and fell in love.

Reluctant to get close to anyone (including her father) and not pleased about having to start at a new school, Anna begins to spend more time alone, running the length of the beach and wondering about who her mother really was. After meeting a lifeguard named Tyler, she slowly lets her guard down and together they start exploring the abandoned houses that dot the beach.

But when learning more about her mother’s past leads to a painful discovery, Anna must reconcile her desire for solitude with ultimately accepting the love of her family and friends.

What people are saying:

“I couldn’t put this book down. Kirby’s voice is fresh and wise, all at once. An incredible first novel.”–Sarah Dessen, New York Times bestselling author of Lock and Key

“Kirby is an author to watch, and her debut will be enjoyed by a large array of teens in search of identity stories.”–Booklist

Released: May 3, 2011

About the author:

Jessi Kirby lives in a historic cottage on the beach in Orange County, CA with her husband and two children. Currently, she works as a middle school librarian, which allows her to be amongst the best YA writers every day. Moonglass is her first novel. You can visit her at www.jessikirby.com.