Zachary Ruthless tightened his grip around the snake he had found lurking in the bushes below his tree fort that morning. No one was watching him. Perfect. He slipped the snake into Mrs. Snyder’s mailbox.

“Bwa-ha-ha!” he cackled. Zachary knew every self-respecting rotten evildoer needs a gleeful, evil cackle.

Excerpt© 2011 Allan Woodrow

About the book:

Zachary Ruthless only looks like he is the nicest ten-year old boy in the world. Actually, he is evil and horrible and terrible and a bunch of other bad things we do not like to think about. Why, in this book alone he shoots brain-erasing lasers, sets loose vicious insects and chews nasty, vegetable-flavored gum.

Zachary would do anything to join the Society Of Utterly Rotten, Beastly And Loathsome Lawbreaking Scoundrels, the world’s most horrible gang of super villains. But first he must perform a truly terrible deed. With the help of his henchman Newt, Zachary battles the horrible Mayor Mudfogg and other felonious foes, not only to join SOURBALLS but to survive!

What people are saying:

“Full of fiendish schemes, wickedly funny illustrations, and laughs—villainous and otherwise.”–Kevin Bolger, author of Zombiekins

“If it’s true that everyone loves a bad boy, Zachary should attract a sizable fan base.”–Publisher’s Weekly

Released: April 27, 2011

About the author:

Allan Woodrow grew up outside of East Lansing, Michigan. He always wanted to be an author, but his teachers told him to write about what he knew, and he discovered he didn’t know very much. So instead he went into advertising, which was perfect for someone who loved to write but knew very little.

After becoming a dad and discovering the books his daughters were reading, Allan finally knew what he wanted to write about. Allan currently lives near Chicago with his family and two goldfish. The Rotten Adventures of Zachary Ruthless series are his first books. Visit him at or learn more about his books at