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The Forest, Early Evening

Through the skull in my fireplace, I watch her. Does she know, I wonder? Does she sense my presence? It is hard to say. But I suppose it does not really matter. We are connected in ways she does not yet understand—ways that even I find curious. I am Baba Yaga, and she is Anne, and our destinies have mingled, twisted tightly together even before she found her way to my forest. Anne Michaelson—the ordinary girl who wasn’t ordinary at all. The one who brought Anastasia out from my hut and captured the heart of a foolish man named Ethan. The one who weeps quietly, night after night, because she saved a girl who chose to die, and this does not sit easily on her heart. I would help her, I think, if I were not what I am. But as that cannot change, at least for now, I watch. I offer no balm. No words of comfort.

I am the glorious Baba Yaga. And while this is not a simple thing, it is what it is. I am the one who changes others. The Bone Mother. The Crone. For ever and ever, I have flown the skies in my mortar. Stirred the air with my pestle. Ground my enemies to dust or chewed them whole with my iron teeth and placed their heads on pikes outside my hut. I have come and gone as I pleased. Danced barefoot in my forest. Felt the sting of icy rain on my skin. Ridden fast through the woods with my horsemen. Taken lovers when I pleased. Reveled in the summer air. Laughed with glee as autumn approached. My season. The time of change. The wonderful approach of death.

Excerpt© 2011 Joy Preble


About the book:

“So here is what you must know. You have more to do. The witch is not done with you. And neither am I.”

Anne Michaelson is trying to forget everything that happened last year. Spending time alone with her boyfriend, Ben Logan, usually helps. But no matter how hard she tries to move on, Anne still misses the spark she felt with Ethan. Anne doesn’t dare tell anyone about that… she’s got bigger secrets to keep anyway. A mysterious wild-haired woman is stalking Anne, haunting her wherever she goes. Anne’s search for the woman’s identity exposes deep and startling revelations – including the possible source of Anne’s powers. With her heart torn between Ben and Ethan, Anne’s life is about to get a lot more complicated. Will Anne discover the truth about her destiny? Or will the longings of her own heart get in the way?

What people are saying:

“Equal parts spooky, sassy, sinister and sexy, Joy Preble’s Haunted lingers beyond the last page.”–Cynthia Leitich Smith, New York Times bestselling author of Tantalize, Eternal, and Blessed

Released: February 1, 2011

About the author:

Joy Preble grew up in Chicago and moved to Texas where she learned to use the phrase ‘y’all” without any hint of irony and developed a passion for country music and barbecue. Joy has an English degree from Northwestern University, teaches high school students when she’s not busy writing, and is married to the guy she met her first week in college when she mistakenly served a volleyball into his stomach rather than over the net. Haunted, the sequel to Dreaming Anastasia, is her second novel. You can visit her at


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