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Chen Yong was already on board the ship.

Ai Ling stumbled when her spirit touched his and caught herself against a merchant’s bamboo stand. The old woman gave her a curious look as she set out eggplants and carrots. Ai Ling murmured an apology and veered off, the pungent scent of cilantro following her.

She couldn’t feel the spirits of others near the port yet. She was still too far away. But she was drawn to Chen Yong as if she had been starved for months for warmth and light. She closed her eyes for a moment, trying to slow her racing pulse. His face filled her vision: his inquisitive amber eyes, the strong lines of his jaw and cheekbones, his mouth curved into a smile that made him look boyish.

She had to get on that ship. His life depended on it.

It was barely dawn, and the large seaside city of Yuan Hai clamored to life. As Ai Ling approached the harbor, the hubbub of vendors in the narrow streets was punctuated by the cries of seagulls soaring above. Boys darted like sardines through the crowds. Women dressed in the same grays and blues as the men chorused in singsong voices; hawking sticky rice filled with pickles and minced pork, candied yams and hot soymilk to start the day and drive the cold away. Ai Ling’s stomach growled, but she didn’t stop.

Slipping from the labyrinth of buildings that leaned like haphazardly stacked dominoes, she finally stepped onto the broad main street. The seafront shopkeepers had already laid out their merchandise: embroidered handkerchiefs and slippers, fans adorned with lotus and dragonflies, gold earrings and jade bangles.

Excerpt© 2011 Cindy Pon

About the book:

The Gods have abandoned Ai Ling.

Her mysterious power haunts her day and night, and she leaves home—with just the moon as her guide—overwhelmed by her memories and visions and an unbearable sense of dread. For Ai Ling knows that Chen Yong is vulnerable to corrupt enchantments from the under-world. How can she do nothing when she has the skill and power to fight at his side? A dream has told her where he is, the name of the ship he is traveling on, his destination. So she steals off and stows away on board.

The ocean voyage brings with it brutal danger, haunting revelations, and new friendships, but also the premonition of a very real and terrifying threat. Zhong Ye—the powerful sorcerer whom Ai Ling believed she had vanquished in the Palace of Fragrant Dreams—is trapped in Hell, neither alive nor dead. Can he reach from beyond the grave to reunite with Silver Phoenix and destroy Chen Yong? And destroy whatever chance Ai Ling has at happiness, at love?

In this sequel to the acclaimed novel Silver Phoenix, four lives are woven together and four destinies become one, now and forever.

What people are saying:

“Cindy Pon’s writing is beautiful, conjuring up images of breathless adventure, heart-stopping romance, dangerous demons, and hidden secrets. Ai Ling is the sort of heroine you can’t help but root for. A thrilling ride from start to finish.”–Cassandra Clare, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series

Fury of the Phoenix is truly one of the most unique YA fantasies I’ve ever read. It is sexy and thrilling, and I really love Cindy Pon’s style. She writes with an appealing lightness and energy that gives great motion to the story.”–Malinda Lo, Author of Ash and Huntress

Released: March 29, 2011

About the author:

Cindy Pon is the author of Silver Phoenix (Greenwillow, 2009), which was named one of the Top Ten Fantasy and Science Fiction Books for Youth by the American Library Association’s Booklist, and one of 2009′s best Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror by VOYA. The sequel to Silver Phoenix, titled Fury of the Phoenix, will be published in April 2011. Visit her website at


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