8:19 p.m.

This was Daniel’s deal. He’d taken the order, contacted a supplier, and set it all up. I was just the sucker he’d roped into driving him for the actual delivery. Which meant, technically, I was also the guy who had the police cruiser riding his ass through town.

Just like always.

“You know, Dick,” Daniel said, “I’m pretty sure you bring this cop bullshit on yourself.”

“Oh yeah?” I kept the steering wheel as steady as I could and stole another glance in the rearview. All I could make out in the dusky darkness were bright headlights and the outline of the light bar on the cruiser’s roof, which—so far— wasn’t flashing. “How do I bring it on myself? By hauling you around everywhere in my brother’s unlucky car?”

Excerpt © 2010 Mindi Scott

About the book:

What comes next for a teen who was the last person to see his best friend alive and the first to find him dead?

What people are saying:

“Highlighting the dark (and yet acutely relevant) side of high school today, Scott brings to the table heavy issues that are impacting teens with a storyline that reads as real as life itself. With characters that ring true and a journey that proves honest, Freefall is no doubt sure to be one of the best contemporary young adult books of the year.” –New York Journal of Books

“Scott does a remarkable job capturing her characters and making them come to life. The reader will feel the depth of the characters and care about what happens to them. The novel is well-written with a realistic storyline that stays focused on the characters and the events that bring them together.” 5Q/4P –VOYA

“Scott’s well-crafted debut reads like a John Hughes–style romantic comedy filtered through a study of teenage grieving… Seth’s slow discovery of his own potential keeps the story moving and entertaining.” –Publisher’s Weekly

“This is a realistic novel with compelling issues depicted as they are in life. With this first novel, Scott proves herself a formidable talent in the field of YA fiction.” –Booklist

“Seth’s character is fully realized, without the burden of too much introspection or weighty insight to bog down the pace of the narrative. This is a solid exploration of what you can and can’t do to help your friends, built on top of an engaging story of boy meets girl.” –Bulletin for Center of Children’s Books

Released: October 5, 2010

About the author:

Mindi Scott lives near Seattle, Washington, with her drummer husband in a house with a non-sound-proof basement. You can visit her at