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If I had known “normal” could disappear so quickly, would I have appreciated it more? Would I have been less afraid to raise my hand in class? Would I have let my mother’s complaints roll off my back?

Looking back to how it was before everything changed, I think I’d have done things differently. I’d have stopped to enjoy the smell of the cut grass on the soccer field—and been nicer to my brothers. I’d have eaten that hot fudge sundae, even when I felt kind of fat.

But it’s easy to analyze this stuff when you have the perspective I do now.

I think when you’re sixteen, you believe you’re invincible. Or immortal. Maybe it’s both?

When the most stressful thing in your life is winning a soccer game or what to wear to school, you take some really basic things for granted.

Like the love of your parents.

Or hanging with your friends.

Or the beating of your heart . . .

Excerpt © 2010 Shari Maurer

About the book:

16-year-old elite soccer player, Emmi, gets sick and needs a heart transplant and in the process learns about life, love and the meaning of true friendship.

What people are saying:

“Shari Maurer’s excellent Change of Heart offers more than just a very human teenaged girl with a terrifying situation to somehow get through. It reminds us that priorities can be as ephemeral, and as fragile, as the beat of a damaged heart.”–Deborah Grabien, author of Dark in the Park, The Kinkaid Chronicles, and The Haunted Ballad Mysteries

“Emmi is an authentically drawn protagonist. Her intimate, lively, first-person narrative…details the physical and emotional effects of her heart disease…Readers will find Emmi and her experiences absorbing.” —Booklist

Change of Heart is a gripping, moving, and honest story about everything that really matters in life. Shari Maurer takes a scary experience that happens to very few young adults and makes it both universal and uplifting.”–Daria Snadowsky, author of Anatomy of a Boyfriend

“Tragic yet uplifting, Change of Heart will stay with you long after you’ve closed the book.”–Mandy Hubbard, author of Prada and Prejudice

Released: June 2010 from WestSide Books

About the author:

Shari Maurer lives in New City, New York, where she grew up. This serves as a constant reminder of her teen years and enables her to write using very fresh memories. She went to undergrad at Duke University and grad school at NYU, studying English and Dramatic Writing and yelling loud at basketball games. For six years, Shari was at the Children’s Television Workshop, working on international productions of Sesame Street and is the co-author of The Parents’ Guide to Children’s Congenital Heart Defects. She married Mat, the boy she met at 17 (another source of fresh memories) and they have three children, Lissie, Josh and Eric. Mat is now a cardiologist, which came in very handy when she was writing CHANGE OF HEART, her YA novel published by WestSide Books.


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