It takes less time for them to conquer the world than it takes me to brush my teeth. That’s pretty disappointing.

I’m in history listening to Mr. Whitehead’s description of the Great Depression. “Everything was changed,” he says, tapping his desk with two fingers the way he does when he wants to call attention to something he’s said. I know he’s about to repeat himself because he always does after the little finger tap. I turn to Jackson to mouth the sentence as Mr. Whitehead speaks it, which is something we do to combat the big yawn boredom.

But we don’t. The second sentence never comes from Mr. Whitehead. It doesn’t come from Jackson either. Instead a voice comes into my head. THAT’S RIGHT. A VOICE. NOT MINE. IN MY HEAD. The voice says. “You are one of the few product who can hear and who have survived. Congratulations. Stand by for a message.”

Excerpt © 2010 Brian Yansky

About the book:

Jesse is in history class when a formidable, efficient race of aliens quietly takes over the earth in less time than it takes him to brush his teeth. Most humans simply fall asleep and never wake up. In moments, everyone Jesse knows and loves is gone, and he finds that he is now a slave to an alien leader. On the bright side, Jesse discovers he’s developing telepathic powers, and he’s not the only one. Soon he’s forging new friendships and feeling unexpectedly hopeful. When a mysterious girl appears in his dreams, talking about escaping, Jesse begins to think the aliens may not be invincible after all. But if Jesse and his friends succeed, is there anywhere left to go?

What people are saying:

“Fast-paced, sly, and surprisingly humane, Alien Invasion & Other Inconveniences is the most fun I’ve had reading a Young Adult Novel this year.”-Gabrielle Zevin, author of, among other novels, Elsewhere.

Alien Invasion & Other Inconveniences by Brian Yansky combines humor, philosophical depth and a sparkling imagination to create a work that is thoroughly enjoyable.” -Francisco X. Stork, author of, among other novels, Marcelo in the Real World.

“Wry, fierce, richly imagined-the total conquest of humanity has never been so entertaining.” Bestselling author of, among other novels, Eternal, Cynthia Leitch Smith.

“A clever premise, a fast pace, and characters I’d like to hang out with if they’d let me. Eminently readable and thought provoking, too. A+” Ron Koertge, author of, among other novels, Stoner and Spaz.

Alien Invasion & Other Inconveniences is a fast, fun, funicular of a joyride. Aliens, telepathy, rebels, romance, and humor-what’s not to like? Climb aboard and hang on tight!” National Book Award winner for Godless, and author of many other novels, Pete Hautman

Release date: October 12, 2010

About the author:

Brian Yansky lives in Austin, Texas. He’s written two other novels: My Road Trip to the Pretty Girl Capital of the World and Wonders of the World.